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sexta-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2008

Snap! Featuring Maxayn* & Turbo B. - Gimme A Thrill

Turbo B.

Real Name:Durron Butler
Profile:Rapper b. Maurice Durron Butler, 30 April 1967, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. First a drummer in a heavy-metal band, then he was doing Human Beatbox performances at the live shows for the Fat Boys in the 80's. In 1990 he was introduced to Snap and became a member and a public face of the project. He left Snap in 1991 due to the dissent within the group and pursued a solo-career, releasing a couple of singles. In 1994 he became a member of a Euro-Dance group Centory. In 2000 Snap and Turbo B. rejoined for a comeback, and were working on an album that has remained unreleased up to this date.
Turbo B. with Anzilotti and Munzing (Snap) also recorded some more rock-oriented material as Black Tiger.
Aliases:Durron Butler
Name Variations: All | Turbo B. | Turbo B


Real Name:Paulette Parker
Profile:Maxayn Lewis (born Paulette Parker) is an American born vocalist. Her career began at the end of the 1960's when she was part of Ikettes, The. In the 1970's she performed in a band named after her (see Maxayn). Later, the group changed it's name and sound (see Mandré) and Maxayn Lewis was relegated to backing vocals, songwriting and playing instruments.
In the 1980's, she appeared as a backing singer with Gap Band, The on several records.
In 2000, she was supposed to be the new voice of Snap!, but the album "One Day On Earth" was withdrawn due to the failure of the first single "Gimme A Thrill".
In Groups:Ikettes, The, Maxayn
Name Variations: All | Maxayn Lewis | Maxayene Lewis | Maxayn | Maxyan Lewis


Real Name:Michael Münzing, Luca Anzilotti,
Profile:Snap! were first known as Power Jam.
After the tremendous success of "The Power", Snap! released their first album, "World Power", which revealed many other hits: "Ooops Up", "Cult Of Snap" and "Mary Had A Little Boy". The latter, a frenetic hip house/piano anthem, revealed to be a huge club hit and the direction taken by Snap! afterwards to follow that path was logical. Penny Ford and Jackie Harris (a short time vocalist featured on "The Power") decided to back out from the group not long after. A friend of Ford, Thea Austin, was presented to Anzilotti and Münzing to replace her.
Durron Butler (Turbo B.) tried to convince the producers to make a hip-hop record. "Colour Of Love" announced the release of "The Madman's Return" (1992), but eventually flopped on the charts. A second single, "Rhythm Is A Dancer" came out. Based on the melody of "Auto Man" by Newcleus (1984), the song soon became one of the greatest dance hits of the 1990's.
Unsatisfied, Turbo B. left Snap! So did Thea Austin, who broke her contract to go solo. Madonna's vocalist Niki Haris was hired to re-record the last two singles from "The Madman's Return". Both were succesful releases.
In 1994, Snap! decided to go Trance on "Welcome To Tomorrow", with the participation of featured artists such as Summer (Paula Brown) and Rukmani. The formula proved to be as succesful.
Around 1996, Eurodance started to collapse. A compilation of greatest hits was released alongside remixes and a new version of "The Power" performed with rapper Einstein (2) (Colin Case).
After four years of silence, Snap! tried a comeback in 2000 with "Gimme A Thrill". The single, which was supposed to reconcile them with Turbo B., flopped, and a whole album called "One Day On Earth" never saw the light of day. A few disagreements between the producers and the featured vocalist, Maxayn Lewis, didn't help.
From 2002 to 2006, Snap! was extensively remixed by a variety of electronic artists and released a couple of club singles which failed to relaunch their success story.
Aliases:Power Jam
Members:Durron Butler, Jackie Harris, Luca Anzilotti, Michael Münzing, Penny Ford, Thea Austin
Name Variations: All | Snap! | Sanp | Snap | Snap ! | SNAP!

Snap! Featuring Maxayn* & Turbo B. - Gimme A Thrill

Label: BMG
Catalog#: 74321 65585 2
Format: CD, Maxi-Single
Released:06 May 2000
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop
Style: Downtempo, Hip Hop
Rating: 3.2/5 (6 votes) Rate It


Gimme A Thrill (7" Mix) (3:25)

Vocals - Maxayn* , Turbo B.
Gimme A Thrill (12" R.I.A.D. Mix) (4:40)

Vocals - Maxayn* , Turbo B.
Gimme A Thrill (7" Instrumental) (3:25)

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